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1. Craig Anderson (Avalanche)

Craig Anderson back-stopped the 2008-09 last place Colorado Avalanche to their best start through October in team history with a record of 10-2-2 which is tops in the NHL believe it or not.

Craig led all goalies in the NHL in starts playing in all 15 games, as well as posting a .938 save percentage. His 2.10 goals against average was good for fourth in the league through October among goalies who started at least 10 games.

October stats: GP 14, Wins 10, Sv% .938, GAA, 2.10, SO 2

On pace: GP 82, Wins 54, Shutouts 10

2. Alexander Ovechkin (Capitals)

Alex went on a goal scoring tear in the month of October. He tied his best month ever with a total of 14 goals scored and 23 points in only 14 games played.

Alex had a total of six games with two or more goals scored which is the first time a player has had achieved this mark in one month since Brett Hull did it in the early 1990’s.

Alex’s success has the Capitals second in the Eastern conference with only two regulation losses which is tops in the NHL.

October stats: GP 14, Goals 14, Assists 9, Points 23

On pace: GP 82, Goals 82, Assists 52, Points 134

3. Dustin Penner (Oilers)

Dustin Penner is finally emerging as the power forward the Oilers expected him to be after signing him to a big offer sheet a few years ago from the Anaheim Ducks.

Dustin is off to his best start in his career with 9 goals and 10 assists in his first 14 games played, as well as a +9 which is amongst the best in the entire NHL. His hot October start has helped the Oilers maintain a spot within the top eight teams in the Western conference thus far, and the Oilers will need him to keep coming through if they are to contend for a playoff spot.

October stats: GP 14, Goals 9, Assists 10, Points 19

On pace: GP 82, Goals 52, Assists 58, Points 110


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The formula for this power ranking system involves total team points, total goals scored, total goals allowed as well as additional points for away wins within the week. Tie-breaking ranking totals are decided on total wins first, then total goals scored (if tied then away team wins/goals scored within the week gets the advantage).

1. N.Y. Rangers (7-1-0) +32

Last week: 1

The Rangers have not lost since opening night in Pittsburgh. They are also the highest scoring team in the NHL. Will their high-paced play have them burnt out by the time December rolls around?

2. Colorado Avalanche (6-1-1) +27

Last week: 9

Colorado went 4-0-0 on the road this week behind the hot goaltending of Craig Anderson.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins (7-1-0) +26

Last week: 2

Pittsburgh dropped a spot at the expense of Colorado’s surge even though they didn’t drop any points this week.

4. Phoenix Coyotes (5-2-0) +19

Last week: 13

Even if no one in Arizona cares, it’s not looking like it is bothering the Yotes.

5. Chicago Blackhawks (5-2-1) +18

Last week: 11

Jonathan Toews finally got his first goal this week. However, Patrick Kane is still in a slump (3 points in last 6 games).

6. Ottawa Senators (5-2-0) +17

Last week: 14

Ottawa finished the week with two strong wins. One in Montreal where former Canadiens player Alexei Kovalev scored a goal en route to victory.

7. Edmonton Oilers (4-2-1) +17

Last week: 17

The Oilers this season are the team they were supposed to be last season.. Fast, entertaining and high scoring.

8. Atlanta Thrashers (4-1-0) +17

Last week: 12

Three out of Atlanta’s first four wins were earned on the road. I’m glad I picked this team to make the playoffs because they look legit.

9. Columbus Blue Jackets (5-1-0) +16

Last week: 7

Columbus is another team that dropped spots despite going 2-0-0 this week (at home).

10. Washington Capitals (4-2-2) +15

Last week: 10

Alex Ovechkin has four goals in three games playing with the likes of Brendan Morrison and Mike Knuble.

11. Buffalo Sabres (4-1-1) +15

Last week: 15

A couple six goal efforts this past week proves Buffalo can still put the puck in the net.

12. Dallas Stars (3-1-3) +14

Last week: 16

Dallas’ only one regulation loss this season came at the hands of the visiting Bruins.

13. San Jose Sharks (4-3-1) +12

Last week: 5

Only five goals in three games this past week.

14. St. Louis Blues (3-2-1) +12

Last week: 19

St. Louis finished the week strong with a 5-0 victory in Anaheim after losing three straight games.

15. Calgary Flames (5-2-1) +11

Last week: 3

With the defense and goaltending Calgary has, they shouldn’t be allowing 3.5 goals per game.

16. Philadelphia Flyers (3-2-1) +9
Last week: 4

Philly played once this week, which was a 4-2 loss in Florida.

17. N.J. Devils (4-3-0) +8

Last week: 20

New Jersey has only scored more than three goals once this season.

18. L.A. Kings (4-4-0) +5

Last week: 6

L.A. finished the week 0-3-0 after their hot start. All games were on the road against quality opponents, though.

19. Vancouver Canucks (3-4-0) +5

Last week: 21

Canucks move up at the expense of other teams after going 1-1-0 this week.

20. Detroit Red Wings (3-3-1) +4

Last week: 22

The ugliest of the Wings two losses this week came in Buffalo where they lost 6-2.

21. Boston Bruins (3-4-0) +4

Last week: 23

It looked like Boston could be back on track after shutting out Dallas 3-0 on their ice. Too bad they followed that up with a 4-1 loss in Phoenix.

22. Anaheim Ducks (3-3-1) +2

Last week: 8

After Anaheim crept by lowly Minnesota with a 3-2 win mid-week, they got their butts handed to them in a 5-0 shutout loss to St. louis.

23. Carolina Hurricanes (2-4-1) -2

Last week: 25

Like Vancouver, Carolina moves up at the expense of other teams misery despite only going 0-1-1 this week.

24. Tampa Bay Lightning (2-3-2) -4

Last week: 24

Tampa Bay will never get out of the gutter until the overrated Vinny Lecavalier becomes the franchise player he is supposed to be, or they trade him.

25. Florida Panthers (2-4-0) -4

Last week: 30

Impressive 4-2 against Philly this week after losing 3-2 to Tampa Bay.

26. Montreal Canadiens (2-5-0) -5

Last week: 27

Montreal are losers of five in a row. If you want the silver lining, Mike Cammalleri finally scored his first goal.

27. N.Y. Islanders (0-3-3) -7

Last week: 26

Who will first, the Islanders or Maple Leafs?

28. Nashville Predators (2-4-1) -8

Last week: 18

Four goals in four games this week is well on their way to a top three draft pick in 2010.

29. Minnesota Wild (1-6-0) -8

Last week: 28

Minnesota has already three one goal loss games. Maybe the addition of Chuck Kobasew will give them more scoring up front. I doubt it.

30. Toronto Maple Leafs (0-6-1) -17

Last week: 29

Toronto can’t score goals and they can’t stop other teams from scoring. This is the basic recipe for disaster.

Biggest increase in rank: Edmonton Oilers (10 spots)

Biggest decrease in rank: Anaheim Ducks (14 spots)

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My take on the NHL’s 10 best rivalries for you to watch this season.

Click here for top 10 slideshow

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The formula for this power ranking system involves team points, total goals scored, total goals allowed as well as additional points for away wins. Tie-breaking ranking totals are decided on total wins first, then total goals scored (if tied then away team wins/goals scored within the week gets the advantage).

1. Philadelphia Flyers +11

Last week:

2. Washington Capitals +10

Last week:

3. Colorado Avalanche +10

Last week:

4. St. Louis Blues +9

Last week:

5. Montreal Canadiens +8

Last week:

6. Calgary Flames +8

Last week:

7. Pittsburgh Penguins +7

Last week:

8. Chicago Blackhawks +7

Last week:

9. Phoenix Coyotes +6

Last week:

10. Atlanta Thrashers +5

Last week:

11. Boston Bruins +4

Last week:

12. N.Y Rangers +4

Last week:

13. Nashville Predators +4

Last week:

14. San Jose Sharks +3

Last week:

15. Columbus Blue Jackets +3

Last week:

16. N.Y Islanders 0

Last week:

17. Dallas Stars 0

Last week:

18. Buffalo Sabres 0

Last week:

19. Florida Panthers -1

Last week:

20. Edmonton Oilers -1

Last week:

21. Minnesota Wild -1

Last week:

22. Toronto Maple Leafs -2

Last week:

23. Detroit Red Wings -3

Last week:

24. Tampa Bay Lightning -3

Last week:

25. L.A Kings -3

Last week:

26. Ottawa Senators -3

Last week:

27. N.J Devils -3

Last week:

28. Anaheim Ducks -3

Last week:

29. Vancouver Canucks -5

Last week:

30. Carolina Hurricanes -7

Last week:

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The Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues and Florida Panthers all have flew out overseas this weekend. All teams will be playing against European clubs this coming week before they open up their regular season campaigns in Sweden and Finland on Friday afternoon (afternoon to us).

Here in North America there is only two exhibition games left which will be played on Tuesday. New York Islanders vs. New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers vs. Minnesota Wild, and the Dallas Stars play some minor league club on Wednesday I believe. Thursday night the official NHL season starts with four games.

For complete schedule click here

Click here for full NHL pre-season stats.

Click here for NHL pre-season standings

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The Detroit Red Wings are the odds on favorite by Vegas again to win the Stanley Cup at a moneyline of +450. The moneyline of +450 dollars means that is how much you win for every one hundred dollars you bet. Now This doesn’t mean the Red Wings are who they think will win it all, this just means it is the most popular bet, which is expected because it has been that way for about five years now.

The Penguins come in second at a moneyline of +555. Again, this is expected because they are the Stanley Cup champs and a very popular bet as well.

According to their odds, here is how the playoffs would turn out.

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh Penguins (+555) 2. Boston Bruins (+900) 3. Washington Capitals (+1100) 4. Philadelphia Flyers (+1500) 5. New Jersey Devils (+2000) 6. Carolina Hurricanes (+2600) T6-7. NY Rangers (+2600) 8. Montreal Canadiens (+3000)

Western Conference

1. Detroit Red Wings (+450) 2. San Jose Sharks (+800) 3. Vancouver Canucks (+1800) 4. Chicago Blackhawks (+800) 5. Anaheim Ducks (+1600) 6. Calgary Flames (+2000) 7. St. Louis Blues (+3400) 8. Dallas Stars (+4000)

I personally think the best bang for your buck bet outside of the top five is the Hurricanes at +2600. Followed by the Stars at +4000 and then the Blues at +3400.

For complete odds on all teams click here

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Anyone who follows my blog knows I’m usually a NHL2K guy. This year I decided to go with EA’s NHL 10 because of the very bad reviews for the 2K10 hockey game (ratings which were in the 6’s are well below average). I’m not a complete sellout to my beloved 2k hockey games, but I refuse to waste $60 on a crappy game in an economic recession, so that’s why I went with NHL 10 this time around.

Anyways, I went out and bought NHL 10 yesterday morning. The game overall is really good with lots of depth (much more than 2K usually has to offer). After playing for a couple hours I was itching to get into simulating a season. Their were a few obstacles I had to get through like creating some players that were unavailable as well as some roster shuffling. All injuries were taken off as well as trading through the full 82 game season as well as the playoffs, so keep that in mind.

And if you’re interested the team I was given was the Toronto Maple Leafs through a random selection I did. It didn’t seem to do them any justice as you can see below.

Here were the full results for the Eastern Conference through the 82 game regular season.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins (107 pts) 9. Boston Bruins (87 pts)
2. Ottawa Senators (98 pts) 10. Montreal Canadiens (87 pts)
3. Washington Capitals (97 pts) 11. Tampa Bay Lightning (82 pts)
4. New York Rangers (99 pts) 12. Buffalo Sabres (81 pts)
5. Philadelphia Flyers (97 pts) 13. Toronto Maple Leafs (80 pts)
6. Carolina Hurricanes (95 pts) 14. Florida Panthers (80 pts)
7. New Jersey Devils (95 pts) 15. Atlanta Thrashers (77 pts)
8. New York Islanders (92 Pts) *Teams in bold made the playoffs

Here were the full results for the Western Conference through the 82 game regular season.

1. Detroit Red Wings (116 pts) 9. Dallas Stars (87 pts)
2. Calgary Flames (103 pts) 10. Anaheim Ducks (87 pts)
3. San Jose Sharks (87 pts) 11. Nashville Predators (86 pts)
4. St. Louis Blues (94 pts) 12. Edmonton Oilers (84 pts)
5. Colorado Avalanche (92 pts) 13. Phoenix Coyotes (79 pts)
6. Chicago Blackhawks (92 pts) 14. Los Angeles Kings (78 pts)
7. Minnesota Wild (89 pts) 15. Columbus Blue Jackets 78 pts)
8. Vancouver Canucks (89 pts) *Teams in bold made the playoffs

Top five regular season goal scorers:
1. Alexander Ovechkin – Washington Capitals (63 goals)
T2. Martin Havlat – Minnesota Wild (63 goals)
3. Ilya Kovalchuk – Atlanta Thrashers (60 goals)
4. Marian Hossa – Chicago Blackhawks (58 goals)
5. Eric Staal – Carolina Hurricanes (55 goals)

Top five regular season point scorers:
1. Marian Hossa – Chicago Blackhawks (106 pts)
2. Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins (100 pts)
3. Marian Gaborik – New York Rangers (99 pts)
4. Pavel Datsyuk – Detroit Red Wings (98 pts)
T4. Alexander Ovechkin – Washington Capitals (98 pts)

Top goalie stats through the regular season:
Chris Osgood – Detroit Red Wings (42 wins)
Marc-Andre Fleury – Pittsburgh Penguins (2.30 GAA)
Marc-Andre Fleury – Pittsburgh Penguins (.922 Sv%)

Stanley Cup Playoffs Final Four, Final and winner:
Detroit Red Wings vs. Calgary Flames
New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Calgary Flames vs. New York Rangers (Flames win 4-1)

Top playoff goal scorer(s):
1. Jarome Iginla – Calgary Flames (15 goals)
T2. Martin Havlat – Minnesota Wild (15 goals)

Top playoff point scorer:
1. Marian Gaborik – New York Rangers (26 pts)

Random stat:
Regular season game winning goals top scorer.
John Tavares – New York Islanders (16 goals)

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